By accessing this website (hereinafter Enjora) or electronically submitting an order, you declare your assent to the following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter Terms and Conditions or Agreement) and our Privacy Policy. Please read them carefully. If you do not agree to be bound the Terms and Conditions contained herein, then do not use Enjora.

    1. Through these Terms and Conditions, We are placing legal conditions on Your use of Enjora and making certain promises to You:

      1. You must agree to all of the conditions in this Agreement. You do not need to use Enjora, therefore if You do not wish to be bound by each and every provision in this Agreement, then You ,may not use Enjora and should leave.

      2. Enjora is for adults only. If You are under the age of eighteen (18), or twenty-one (21), depending on the age of majority in Your jurisdiction, You are not to use Enjora at all. Misrepresentation of Your age to gain access to Enjora is considered a breach of this Agreement and computer hacking under federal law.

      3. Enjora offer online entertainment services that may be deemed adult in nature and which may contain graphic depictions and descriptions of explicit sexual activity. You acknowledge that you are aware of the nature of the content provided, that you are not offended by such content and that you access Enjora freely, voluntarily and willingly.

    2. If You do not understand all of the terms in this Agreement, then You should consult with a lawyer before using Enjora.

    3. Party Definitions and Introductory Terms - The operative parties referred to in this Agreement are defined as follows:

      1. Us, We, the Company - WLP Software Development (Malta) Limited, is the operator of Enjora along with any successor, predecessor and/or affiliated domains. Hereinafter, WLP Software Development (Malta) Limited shall be referred to as Company. When first-person pronouns are used in this Agreement, (Us, We, Our, Ours, etc.) these provisions are referring to Company.

      2. You, the User - As the User of Enjora and/or Services, this Agreement will refer to the User as You or through any second-person pronouns, such as Yours, etc. Hereinafter, the User of Enjora shall be referred to in applicable second-person pronouns. You certify that You are over eighteen (18) years of age or twenty-one (21), depending on where You live.

      3. Member, Membership or Account - Member as referred to in this document shall mean: The subscriber or User of a valid username and password for Enjora during the term of membership.

      4. Subscriber - The End-user, Consumer, of the services of Enjora and holder of a valid username and password.

      5. User vs. Member - For the purposes of this Agreement, all Members are Users, but not all Users are Members. This Agreement applies to all Users whether they are Members or not. You become a User by accessing Enjora in any way.

    4. What this Agreement is - This Agreement is a legal contract between You and the Company. You should treat it as any other legal contract by reading its provisions carefully, as they will affect Your legal rights. By accessing Enjora in any manner, You are affirmatively agreeing to be bound by all of the terms contained in this Agreement. You may not pick and choose which terms apply to You. If You do not agree with all of the terms in this Agreement, You must cease all access and use of Enjora and any other services provided by the Company.

    5. Electronic Signatures / Assent Required:

      1. Nobody is authorized to access Enjora and use the Services unless they have signed this Agreement. Electronic acceptance of this Agreement is permitted by applicable law. You manifest Your agreement to this Agreement by taking any act demonstrating Your assent thereto. You have clicked or will click a button containing the words Sign up. You should understand that this has the same legal effect as You placing Your physical signature on any other legal contract. Additionally, by using any part of Enjora, You understand and agree that We will consider such use as Your affirmation of Your complete and unconditional acceptance to all of the terms in this Agreement.

      2. If You fail to sign this Agreement, You understand that You are an unauthorized user of Enjora. No act or omission by Us should be interpreted as a waiver of the requirement that You assent to this Agreement. If You fail to do so, You are still bound by the terms of this Agreement by virtue of Your viewing Enjora.

    6. You agree not to use Enjora if doing so would violate the laws of Your state, province, or country.

    7. Revisions to this User Agreement: The terms and conditions of this Agreement are subject to change by the Company at any time in its sole discretion and you agree be bound by all modifications, changes and/or revisions. If you do not accept to be bound by any and all modifications, changes and/or revisions of this agreement, you many not use Enjora.


    1. By accessing Enjora, you certify that:

      1. You are using Enjora solely for personal, noncommercial purposes;

      2. You will not copy or distribute any part of Enjora without Our prior written authorization;

      3. You will fully comply with these Terms And Conditions as well as Privacy Policy.

    2. You will be granted free access to Enjora for a total of 3 minutes of video consumption. After that you can choose from one of the packages listed on Enjora to receive unlimited access.


    1. Although parts of Enjora is available without creating an account, certain features may require an account before access is granted. You may never use another's account without permission. If You create an account, You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on Your account, and You must keep Your account password secure. You must notify Enjora immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use.

    2. Enjora has the right to suspend or terminate Your account (including paid accounts) at any time, with or without cause, and may refuse any and all current or future use.

    3. Memberships may not be transferred or sold to a third party. We and Our affiliates disclaim any and all liability arising from fraudulent entry and use of Enjora. If a User or Member fraudulently obtains access, Enjora may terminate access and membership immediately.

    4. Subject to Your acceptance of this Agreement, We grant You a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, single copy personal license to access and use Enjora, Materials, and the Services contained therein.

    5. All Materials and Services available on Enjora shall be for private non-commercial use only, and all other uses are strictly prohibited. If You are a business entity or commercial concern, Your presence on Enjora is not allowed unless it is expressly authorized in writing by Us.

    6. We reserve the right to limit the amount of Materials viewed. You agree to prevent unauthorized copying of Enjora, or any of the Materials contained therein. Any unauthorized use of Enjora or any of the Materials contained therein terminates this limited license effective immediately.

    7. Service Interruption: From time to time due to technological factors, scheduled software uploads and other factors beyond Our control, the Service may be temporarily interrupted and/or access to Enjora and the ability to log in may not be available. You agree to hold Us harmless against any such interruption of or inability to access the Service.

    8. Agreement to Receive Notifications and Other Communications: We reserve the right to send electronic mail or other messages to You and to other Members.


    1. Age of Majority. In order to use Enjora, You must have attained the age of majority in Your jurisdiction. You represent and warrant You are at least eighteen (18) or twenty-one (21) years of age, depending on the age of majority in Your jurisdiction. Otherwise, You must exit Enjora immediately and may not use or access Enjora or the Services in any manner.

    2. We specifically disclaim any responsibility or liability for any misrepresentations regarding a User's age.

    3. Section 230 Notice: You acknowledge Your responsibility to prevent minors under Your care from accessing harmful or inappropriate material. You agree not to allow minors to view any such content, and You agree to take responsible measures to prevent them from doing so. Numerous commercial online safety filters are available which may help users limit minors' access to harmful or inappropriate material. Pursuant to 47 U.S.C. §230(d), You are hereby informed that You can research such services at websites such as: http://www.getnetwise.org or http://www.netnanny.com, among others. Please note that We make no representation or warranty regarding any of the products or services referenced on such sites.

    4. Pursuant to the Communications Decency Act (CDA), 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(1), and court decisions interpreting the scope of the CDA, You acknowledge and understand that We operate as the provider of an interactive computer service. Thus, We are immune from, and cannot be held responsible for, claims arising from the publication or transmission of the content of other Users and third parties. We do not create such content, and We are not responsible for the publication of remarks or communications of third-parties that may arguably rise to the level of being actionable under federal or state laws including, but not limited to, the publication of material that might be considered defamatory, or violative of privacy or publicity rights. Note, that federal law allows Us to remove or block any content found to be offensive, defamatory, obscene or otherwise violative of Our policies, without impacting Our status as the provider of an interactive computer service.


      1. You understand that all depictions of all persons on Enjora and in all Materials produced or published by Us are of persons over the age of eighteen (18) as of the date of the production of the depiction. We take great measures to ensure that no underage individuals are depicted in any of Our Materials.

      2. If You seek any form of material involving minors, You must exit Enjora and cease using Our Services immediately. We do not provide this kind of material and We do not tolerate those who provide this kind of material nor do We tolerate consumers of this kind of material.

      3. In order to further Our zero-tolerance policy, You agree that You will report any images, real or simulated, that appear to depict minors on Enjora. If You see any images or other depictions that are questionable, You agree to report these images by contacting Us at: [email protected]

      4. We enthusiastically cooperate with any law-enforcement agency investigating child pornography. If You suspect other outside websites are participating in unlawful activities involving minors, please report them to a child pornography reporting service such as ASACP.org: http://www.asacp.org or the N.C.M.E.C. Cybertip Hotline: http://secure.missingkids.com


    1. You agree that your use of Enjora shall be at your sole risk. The content is provided AS IS and without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Enjora, its officers, directors, employees, and agents disclaim all warranties, express or implied, in connection with Enjora and your use thereof. Enjora makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness for any:

      1. Errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies of content;

      2. Personal injury or property damage, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from your access to and use of Enjora;

      3. Unauthorized access to or use of our secure servers and/or any and all personal information and/or financial information stored therein;

      4. Interruption or cessation of transmission to or from Enjora;

    2. The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law in the applicable jurisdiction. Enjora makes no representations that it is appropriate or available for use in other locations. Those who access or use Enjora from other jurisdictions do so at their own volition and are responsible for compliance with local law.


    1. You hereby discharge, acquit, and otherwise release Company, its parent company, its agents, employees, officers, directors, shareholders, attorneys, and affiliates, from any and all allegations, counts, charges, debts, causes of action, and claims relating in any way to the use of, or activities relating to the use of Enjora and Services including, but not limited to claims relating to the following:

      1. Sexual Harassment, Negligence, Gross Negligence, Reckless Conduct, Alienation of Affections (to the extent recognized in any jurisdiction), Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Intentional Interference with Contract or Advantageous Business Relationship, Defamation, Privacy, Publicity/Commercial Exploitation, Intellectual Property, Statutory Rape, Misrepresentation, any financial loss not due to the fault of Enjora, missed meetings, unmet expectations, false identities, fraudulent acts by others, invasion of privacy, release of personal information, failed transactions, purchases or functionality of Enjora.

      2. The above list is intended to be illustrative only, and not exhaustive of the types or categories of claims released by You. This release is intended by the parties to be interpreted broadly in favor of Us, and thus any ambiguity shall be interpreted in a manner providing release of the broadest claims. This release is intended to be a full release of claims, and the parties acknowledge the legally binding nature of this provision, and the nature of the rights given up in connection therewith.

    2. You also agree to defend and indemnify Us should any third party be harmed by Your illegal actions or should We be obligated to defend any claims including, without limitation, any criminal action brought by any party.

    3. Enjora and Services contains material that may be offensive to third parties. You agree to indemnify and hold Us harmless from any liability that may arise from someone viewing any such material originating from You, and You agree to immediately cease review of Enjora and use of the Services should You find them offensive.


    1. Enjora has periodic subscription fees that are defined by the terms of Enjora at the time of the initial enrollment for subscription. The member is responsible for such fees. Enjora will continue billing your membership renewals until you cancel your account.

    2. Enjora uses Safecharge for credit card and debit card transactions. WLP Software Development will appear on your credit card statement for all charges made. In some countries Enjora offers mobile payments via DIMOCO. WLP Software Development will appear on your mobile carrier’s monthly statement.

    3. At any time, and without cause, subscription to the service may be terminated by the subscriber by clicking Change Plan on My Account Page or by sending a termination email to [email protected]. Subscribers are liable for charges incurred by them.

    4. If you are taking advantage of a Free trial period through a credit card, please be aware of the following: the Company will request and your bank will immediately put a Reserved Funds hold on your credit card for the amount of the subscription plan you have selected. If the free trial is cancelled within the timeframe allowed by Enjora, it typically takes the banking system 3 to 8 days to remove the credit card hold from these funds. Please understand that the Company has no way to remove this hold. You are responsible for any charges imposed by your credit card issuing bank for exceeding your account limits or overdrawing your account.

    5. Should a refund be issued by the Company, all refunds will be credited to the credit card, debit card, or checking account used in the original transaction solely. Refunds will be processed within 4 weeks.

    6. We are not able to refund any payments made via your mobile phone.


    1. The name of Enjora, is considered a service mark owned by Us. We defend Our intellectual property rights.

    2. Other manufacturers' product and service names referenced herein may be trademarks and service marks of their respective companies and are the exclusive property of such respective owners, and may not be used publicly without the express written consent of the owners and/or holders of such trademarks and service marks.

    3. All of the marks, logos, domains, and trademarks that You find on Enjora and Services may not be used publicly except with express written permission from Us, and may not be used in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among consumers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits Us.


    1. Notice. Any notice required to be given under this Agreement may be provided by email to a functioning email address of the party to be noticed or by a general posting on Enjora. Notices by customers to Us shall be given by email unless otherwise specified on Enjora or in the Agreement.

    2. When Notice is Effective. Notices shall be deemed effective upon delivery. Notices by email with confirmation from the transmitting machine that the transmission was completed, are acceptable under this Agreement provided that they are delivered one (1) hour after transmission if sent during the recipient's business hours, or 9:00 a.m. (recipient's time) the next business day.

    3. Refused, Unclaimed, or Undeliverable Notice. Any correctly addressed notice that is refused, unclaimed, or undeliverable, because of an act or omission of the party to be notified shall be deemed effective as of the first date that said notice was refused or deemed undeliverable by email.


    1. Binding Arbitration. If a dispute arises between the Parties arising out of or otherwise relating to this Agreement, the Parties shall meet and negotiate in good faith to attempt to resolve the dispute. If the Parties are unable to resolve the dispute through direct negotiations, then, except as otherwise provided herein, either Party must submit the issue to binding arbitration in accordance with applicable Arbitration Ordinance. Claims subject to arbitration (Arbitral Claims) shall include, but are not limited to, contract and tort claims of all kinds, and all claims based on any federal, state or local law, statute, or regulation, excepting only claims by Us under applicable worker's compensation law, unemployment insurance claims, intellectual property claims (including but not limited to claims involving copyrights, trademarks, patents, unfair competition, and/or trade secrets), along with actions (regardless of the underlying cause of action) seeking injunctions, attachment, garnishment, and other equitable relief. The arbitration shall be conducted in The Republic of Malta. The arbitration shall be conducted by a single arbitrator, knowledgeable in Internet and e-Commerce disputes. The arbitrator shall be willing to execute an oath of neutrality.

    2. The Arbitrator shall have no authority to award any punitive or exemplary damages, certify a class action, add any parties, or vary or ignore the provisions of this Agreement. The arbitrators shall be bound by and apply Austrian law to any dispute submitted for arbitration hereunder, and this Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Austria. The arbitrator shall render a written opinion setting forth all material facts and the basis of his or her decision within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of the arbitration proceeding. The parties hereby waive any rights they may have to trial by jury in regards to arbitral claims.

    3. There shall be no waiver of the right to arbitration unless such waiver is provided affirmatively and in writing by the waiving party to the other party. There shall be no implied waiver of this right to arbitration. No acts, including the filing of litigation, shall be construed as a waiver or a repudiation of the right to arbitrate.

    4. No action, regardless of form, arising out of or in conjunction with the subject matter of this Agreement, except for claims involving intellectual property, claims to recover outstanding amounts due to Us and claims for indemnification, may be brought by any Party more than one (1) year after the cause of action arose.


    Both parties acknowledge that remedies at law may be inadequate to provide an aggrieved party with full compensation in the event of the other party's breach, and that in any litigation permitted under this Agreement, an aggrieved party shall therefore be entitled to seek injunctive relief in addition to seeking all other remedies available at law or in equity.


    1. These Terms and Conditions, together with the Privacy Policy and any other legal notices published by Us on Enjora, shall constitute the entire agreement between You and Us. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is deemed invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

    2. Enjora reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice, and it is Your responsibility to review these Terms and Conditions for any changes. Your use of Enjora following any amendment of these Terms and Conditions will signify Your assent to and acceptance of its revised terms.

    3. You and Enjora agree that any cause of action arising out of or related to Enjora must commence within one (1) year after the cause of action accrues. Otherwise, such cause of action is permanently barred.

    4. Assignment.The rights and liabilities of the parties hereto will bind and inure to the benefit of their respective assignees, successors, executors, and administrators, as the case may be.

    5. Other Jurisdictions.We make no representation that Enjora, Services or any of the Materials contained therein are appropriate or available for use in other locations, and access to them from territories where their content may be illegal or is otherwise prohibited. Those who choose to access Enjora and Services from such locations do on their own initiative and are solely responsible for determining compliance with all applicable local laws.

    6. No Waiver.No waiver or action made by Us shall be deemed a waiver of any subsequent default of the same provision of this Agreement. If any term, clause or provision hereof is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or operation of any other term, clause or provision and such invalid term, clause or provision shall be deemed to be severed from this Agreement.

    7. Other Jurisdictions. We make no representation that the Site, Services or any of the Materials contained therein are appropriate or available for use in other locations, and access to them from territories where their content may be illegal or is otherwise prohibited. Those who choose to access the Site and Services from such locations do on their own initiative and are solely responsible for determining compliance with all applicable local laws.

Should You have any questions or comments regarding Enjora, or its policies, please feel free to contact Us anytime at: [email protected]



    1. The operative parties referred to in this policy are Company and You, the User of Enjora.

      WLP Software Development (Malta) Limited (hereinafter Company) is the publisher and operator of Enjora. When first-person pronouns are used in this Policy, (Us, We, Our, Ours, etc.) these provisions are referring to Company. You, the User As the User of Enjora, this Policy will refer to the User as You or through any applicable second-person pronouns, such as Yours, etc.

    2. This Privacy Policy describes how we use information received about You when You visit Enjora or when You subscribe to, or otherwise use Our online services.


    1. Passive Collection - We use cookies to collect information about You in order to enhance Your experience on Enjora. The information collected in Our cookies includes, but is not limited to, Your User IP address, geographic location and other session data.

    2. Active Collection - We collect information from You, such as Your name, e-mail address and credit card information, if applicable, when You complete registration forms to sign up for Your membership on Enjora.


    The primary use for Your information is to provide You with services You have requested and/or paid for. We also use Your information to deliver customized services to You. Member login information and e-mail addresses will not be disclosed to third parties. Non-personal and aggregate information, such as that collected passively is used in order to customize Our marketing efforts or to customize the use of Enjora for an aggregate group of customers.

    We additionally may use the personal information of Users whose membership has expired or has been cancelled in order to market Our services to these individuals in the future. We generally will use Your information for the purposes for which You specifically provide it, for example, to ensure payment for subscription services, if applicable. We also use Your information for market research purposes - in order to increase Your (and other Users') experience according to tracked interests, to analyze and target potential new markets, and for other marketing purposes.


    It is Our strict policy not to use or share the personal information about Browsers or Members in ways unrelated to those described in this Policy without also providing You an opportunity to opt out or otherwise prohibit such unrelated uses. However, We may disclose personal information about Browsers or Members, or information regarding Your use of Enjora, for any reason if, in Our sole discretion, We believe that it is reasonable to do so, including:

    1. To satisfy any laws, such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, regulations, or governmental, or legal requests for such information;

    2. To disclose information that is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be violating our Terms & Conditions or other User policies;

    3. To operate Our services properly;

    4. To protect ourselves, Our Members, and the general public. We specifically reserve the right to disclose any and all information to law enforcement in the event that a crime is committed, is suspected, or if We are compelled to do so by lawful criminal, civil, or administrative process, discovery requests, subpoenas, court orders, writs, or reasonable request of authorities or persons with the reasonable power to obtain such process.

    5. If We have reason to believe that the User is not the owner of a credit card, even if the credit card use is authorized, We will provide information about You to the credit card holder. We will provide Your information to the credit card holder if We believe that fraud is a possibility.

    6. Anyone who violates Our Anti-Spam Policy. If there is any investigation on any unlawful spamming, or any use of bulk e-mail.


    We may send You periodic announcements including the details of Our existing and new programs. You may opt out of these announcements by clicking (insert account settings link here) or by clicking the opt-out link at the bottom of these emails. If You opt out of these marketing emails, You may still receive system notices and other information that is specifically related to Your account.


    Any information provided in a User profile, blog, profile post, Member directory, chat room, or other related service should be considered to be public information. We do not, cannot, and will not act to maintain the privacy of any information that You provide in any such forum or medium.


    We take measures to protect the transmission of all sensitive end-user information. We make every effort to ensure the integrity and security of Our network and systems. Nevertheless, We cannot guarantee that Our security measures will prevent third-party 'hackers' from illegally obtaining this information. We take all reasonable measures to prevent such breaches of security, but given the resourcefulness of cyber-criminals, We are unable to guarantee that Our security is one hundred percent (100%) breach-proof.


    We may offer our Members the opportunity to access or modify information provided during registration. To access or modify such information, please refer to Your account settings page or the profile editing page.


    If You have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices described herein, You may contact Us at [email protected]

This website (SITE) qualifies as a Service Provider within the meaning of 17 U.S.C. § 512(k)(1) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Accordingly, it is entitled to certain protections from claims of copyright infringement under the DMCA, commonly referred to as the safe harbor provisions. We respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. Accordingly, we observe and comply with the DMCA, and have adopted the following Notice and Takedown Policy relating to claims of copyright infringement by our customers, subscribers or users.


If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide Us with the following information:

  1. An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright or other intellectual property interest;

  2. Description of the copyrighted work or other intellectual property that you claim has been infringed;

  3. A description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the SITE;

  4. Your email address, telephone number, and address;

  5. A statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and,

  6. A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your Notice is accurate and that you are the copyright or intellectual property owner or authorized to act on the copyright or intellectual property owner’s behalf.

You may send your Notice of Claimed Infringement to [email protected].

Abuse Notification: Abusing the DMCA Notice procedures set forth above, or misrepresenting facts in a DMCA Notice or Counter-notification, can result in legal liability for damages, court costs and attorneys fees under federal law. See; 17 U.S.C. § 512(f). These Notice and Takedown Procedures only apply to claims of copyright infringement by copyright holders and their agents – not to any other kind of abuse, infringement or legal claim. We will investigate and take action against anyone abusing the DMCA notification or counter-notification procedure. Please ensure that you meet all of the legal qualifications before submitting a DMCA Notice to our Designated Agent.


The SITE implements the following notification and takedown procedure upon receipt of any notification of claimed copyright infringement. The SITE reserves the right at any time to disable access to, or remove any material or activity accessible on or from any SITE or any Materials claimed to be infringing or based on facts or circumstances from which infringing activity is apparent. It is the firm policy of the SITE to terminate the account of repeat copyright infringers, when appropriate, and the SITE will act expeditiously to remove access to all material that infringes on another’s copyright, according to the procedure set forth in 17 U.S.C. §512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The SITE’s DMCA Notice Procedures are set forth in the preceding paragraph. If the notice does not comply with §512 of the DMCA, but does comply with three requirements for identifying sites that are infringing according to §512 of the DMCA, the SITE shall attempt to contact or take other reasonable steps to contact the complaining party to help that party comply with the notice requirements. When the Designated Agent receives a valid notice, the SITE will expeditiously remove and/or disable access to the infringing material and shall notify the affected user. Then, the affected user may submit a counter-notification to the Designated Agent containing a statement made under penalty of perjury that the user has a good faith belief that the material was removed because of misidentification of the material. After the Designated Agent receives the counter-notification, it will replace the material at issue within 10-14 days after receipt of the counter-notification unless the Designated Agent receives notice that a court action has been filed by the complaining party seeking an injunction against the infringing activity. The SITE reserves the right to modify, alter or add to this policy, and all users should regularly check back to these Terms and Conditions to stay current on any such changes.


If the Recipient of a Notice of Claimed Infringement (Notice) believes that the Notice is erroneous or false, and/or that allegedly infringing material has been wrongly removed in accordance with the procedures outlined above, the Recipient is permitted to submit a counter-notification pursuant to Section 512(g)(2)&(3) of the DMCA. A counter-notification is the proper method for the Recipient to dispute the removal or disabling of material pursuant to a Notice. The information that a Recipient provides in a counter-notification must be accurate and truthful, and the Recipient will be liable for any misrepresentations which may cause any claims to be brought against the SITE relating to the actions taken in response to the counter-notification.

To submit a counter-notification, please provide Us the following information:

  1. Aspecific description of the material that was removed or disabled pursuant to the Notice;

  2. A description of where the material was located within the SITE or the Content before such material was removed and/or disabled (preferably including specific url’s associated with the material);

  3. A statement reflecting the Recipient's belief that the removal or disabling of the material was done so erroneously. For convenience, the following format may be used:

I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief that the referenced material was removed or disabled by the service provider as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.

  1. The Recipient's email address, telephone number, and physical address; and,

  2. A statement that the Recipient consents to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court in and for the judicial district where the Recipient is located, or if the Recipient is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which the service provider may be found, and that the Recipient will accept service of process from the person who provided the Notice, or that person’s agent.

Written notification containing the above information must be signed and sent to [email protected]

After receiving a DMCA-compliant counter-notification, We will provide the counter-notification to the claimant who first sent the original Notice identifying the allegedly infringing content. Thereafter, within ten to fourteen (10-14) days of Our receipt of a counter-notification, We will replace or cease disabling access to the disputed material provided that We have not received notice that the original claimant has filed an action seeking a court order to restrain the Recipient from engaging in infringing activity relating to the material on the SITE’s system or network.


In the event that the alleged infringer identified in an intended DMCA Notice is, itself, operating as a Service Provider within the meaning of 17 U.S.C. § 512(k)(1), the SITE requests that any such DMCA Notices relating to alleged infringement by third party users, customers or subscribers of such service providers be submitted directly to the DMCA Agent designated by the service provider instead of the SITE.


The SITE reserves the right to modify, alter or add to this policy, and all affected persons should regularly check back regularly to stay current on any such changes.


With respect to all visual depictions displayed on Enjora, all persons were at least 18 years of age when said visual depictions were created.

The owners and operators of Enjora are not the primary producer (as that term is defined in 18 USC section 2257) of any of the visual content. For inquiries regarding who is the producer of any content appearing on Enjora, please contact [email protected]

The original records required pursuant to 18 U.S.C. section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75 for materials contained on Enjora are kept by the appropriate Custodian of Records.